About Us

Launched in September 2011, Happyum collects happy hour deals from all over Hong Kong. Tired of approaching bars and restaurants one by one to see what their promotions are? Find your answer by using Happyum.com. Happyum is also optimized for all mobile devices including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

星期五放了工,想同朋友去 happy hour 飲杯酒,不過又唔知道去邊好? Happyum 幫到你! Happyum, 在2011年九月推出,是香港首個 happy hour 導航指南,幫你發掘全港酒吧及夜店的優惠。 現在,你更可以透過手機進入 Happyum 的網頁包括 iPhone, Android, BlackBerry 及 Windows Phone。

The Team

Happyum is headquartered in Hong Kong founded by a team of two. We enjoy travelling, karaoke, hot pot, and of course, drinks over happy hour.

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